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A recent study of more than 400 burglars revealed that as part of a home security system, video is the most effective deterrent against burglary and home intrusion.Video surveillance cameras should be included in your home security system not only as a deterrent, but also as a way to help apprehend and convict burglars.

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Electric Fence

DotKim Ltd  is a company that also provides perimeter electric fencing, electric fence accessories such as galvanized wire, insulators, sirens, strobes, electric fence energizers, security alarm equipment, sensors, etc.The advantage of using electric fence in security for your home is that it deters, detect, defends and denies would

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Biometric Access Control

Biometric Readers - these are electronic device used to determine a person's identity by detecting and matching the person's physical features, such as fingerprints or the eyes to a database. Card Readers - are used in physical security systems to read a credential that allows access through access control points, typically a

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Video feeds captured on disk or tape often becomes evidence that can be used to put a criminal behind bars. It’s an extra measure of self-defense, especially since burglars generally prefer to move to an easier target. You can also use CCTV to monitor workers at your business premises; this can be a deterrent to laxity or bad behavior at work since the workers will see that they are under surveillance, hence improve and keep performance up at work immensely.


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