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DotKim Ltd  is a company that also provides perimeter electric fencing, electric fence accessories such as galvanized wire, insulators, sirens, strobes, electric fence energizers, security alarm equipment, sensors, etc.
The advantage of using electric fence in security for your home is that it deters, detect, defends and denies would be intruder. The high voltage on the fence will deter would be intruder by first releasing high electric voltage and then alerting the residence through the alarm system that is sensitive and will go off immediately the fence is touched.

There are a number of reasons for choosing an electric fence

  1. Low cost – electric fences require less materials and labor than conventional fences.
  2. Easily constructed – with fewer and lighter materials.
  3. Longer life – due to reduced physical pressure.
  4. Universal application – will contain all types of animals while discouraging predators and trespassers.
  5. Improves existing fence – by including 1 or 2 electrified wires in your conventional fence or by adding offsets, this will extend the fence life.

Above is one example of fence that we install in residential areas, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and many other areas. It can be mounted on top of a wall perimeter fence and has the following features:

  • It comes with an alarm system whereby when an intruder touches the electric HT (high transmission) wire the alarm is triggered and hence you are alarmed about the   intrusion, there after you have to switch off the alarm from the energizer or use a remote. You also have an option of using a timer so that you set the alarm to ring for a specific time then go off automatically.
  • The installation come with a component called the energizer which is connected to the power socket which then is connected to the fence to power it up with electricity, the energizer can also store power for up to seven hours when electricity goes off, hence ensures you are safe even when there is a problem with the main supply of electricity.
  • Some important accessories that can be added to the electric fence system includes a remote kit which enables you to shut off the alarm remotely, so that you don’t have to go to where the energizer is placed to shut it down when you need to, it gives you the convenience putting off the alarm from your bedroom, seating room and so on.


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