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  • Raises an alarm when a burglar attempts to break into the window or door of the premise, the sounding device is a siren horn installed on the premises and will make a loud noise that will deter the intruder and alert the neighbors or people around the premises.
  • Depending on the type of installation chosen, some will send SMS alerts to the owner of the premises or any other authorized person when there is an intrusion.
  • With this system even the inside of the house can be monitored using motion detectors, which are placed strategically in certain spots of the premises and will sense motion within the house and set off the siren horn and send SMS alerts.
  • To raise the alarm when in need, panic buttons are installed at strategic points of the house which are hidden and accessible to the house occpants, and so in situations of emergency and trouble the panic buttons can be pressed to set off the alarm.

 Components of an Intruder Alarm System

Alarm panel, Magnetic contacts, Vibrator sensors, Motion sensors, Siren horn, Panic button switches, smoke detectors etc.



How it Works

  • When selecting an intruder alarm systems for your Premises or for your business there are several important choices or decisions to be made. Hard-wired burglar alarm systems, which were the only choice for many years, are now being challenged by the latest generation of wireless (wire free) burglar alarm systems.
  • There are two more decisions to be made. A burglar alarm system can be designed to protect the perimeter of premises using vibration or shock sensors; these are installed at the windows and connected to the alarm panel which receives the vibration impulses from the vibrator hence setting off the siren. Magnetic contacts are installed at the door s and connected to the alarm panel which picks communication from the contacts to trigger the siren when an intrusion is detected.
  • Motion detectors are situated in key areas of the premises, where the intruder may access the Premises, the motion detectors are connected to the alarm panel which receives communication from them to set off the alarm when motion is detected.  Motion detectors such as Passive Infrared (PIR), Dual Technology Detectors which is (PIR plus Microwave) and Beam Sensor Detectors (BSD).
  • Finally, it is necessary to decide whether the burglar alarm system will be “monitored” or “Siren-only”. A Siren-only burglar alarm system relies on a siren to summon help from neighbors or passers-by. It will usually be supplemented by an internal sounder designed to drive the intruder from the premises. A monitored burglar alarm system sends a signal to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) also known as Control Room Center which in turn can contact key holders, the police or fire brigade, or even the premises to establish if an alarm is genuine. This response system is very flexible and can be tailor-made to the customer’s needs. Another form of monitoring is by use of a CCTV system with remote login capability to enable you view what is happening at your premises whenever an SMS alert is send to you about an intrusion.
  • Hard-wired burglar alarm systems will generally be specified in commercial premises or for very large domestic burglar alarm solutions because they can support a greater number and larger variety of detectors.
    With DotKim Ltd we survey the premises and determine the specific spots to install the devices so as to secure your premises or your business accordingly. Call us now for a quote or more clarification.

How to Operate

  • Usually a keypad is installed near the entry or exit point of a premise, and the keypad is used to arm or disarm the alarm system.  When the system is armed all the sensors and vibrators are in operation to detect and send motions or vibrations to the alarm panel which in turn sets off the siren.
  • The system is usually armed at night when people have gone to sleep or when premise owner has gone out of the house and would like to secure it. To arm the system you enter a password using the keypad and leave the premises, when you come back you open the door and the system gives you a few seconds to enter the password to verify authorized entry, otherwise the siren will go off and SMS alert will be send.



Fire Alarm System provides fire warnings immediately a smoke or excess heat is detected, this enables action to be taken early before the fire escalates.

This system is composed of heat and smoke sensors which are linked to the fire control panel. The panel processes information from the sensors and sends alerts to the authorized managers for necessary remedial action

In a big estate/area the system can provide information on the exact location/origin of fire.



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