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DotKim Limited is an information systems consultancy company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide business solutions and consultancy services in the areas of business process automation and mobile solutions.

Our mission of the company is to provide world-class business management systems and support services to solve business problems and enhance business performance in organizations.

This is attained through establishing a relationship of excellence, quality, trust and continuous improvement in providing our clients with enterprise solutions and wireless computing capabilities at their fingertips in achieving Information Systems and Technologies that are more effective and efficiently satisfying customer business needs.

2.1 Revenue Collections System

The Revenue Collection System (RCS) is an Integrated Revenue Collection tool that provides realistic information on the revenue potential of a county and automates the revenue collection processes. The system has the ability to integrate and analyze a wide variety of information based on their spatial locations.

It also supports a full range of business process on revenue collection and mobilization ranging from, billing, license applications and renewals, permits issuance etc. and the tracking of the same. The key strength of the system lies in its modular architecture allowing different modules to be implemented independently based on the user restrictions and login.

2.2 Architecture

The application is designed with buttons and tools for easy analysis and data manipulation. The main application window as shown in the system architecture has a friendly and interactive user interface with customized buttons created for opening and manipulating the data display and entry forms.

The tools and menus in the general window have links to the various modules of the system where the revenue business processes occurs. Figure 1 below shows the architecture of the system.

Below is a sample system Architecture of a revenue collection system.


Figure 1: System Architecture

The system consists of the following components:

Handheld POS Devices: this devices will be used by the revenue clerks in their daily collections of the revenue. This devices use GSM enabled simcards to send the collection in real time to the main server.

RCS Cloud: The cloud will be the main server that the application will be running in. The importance of setting up the application on the cloud is its ability to be up and running 24/7 regardless of the environmental factors.

RCS Server: This is the backup server at the Clients Office. This server will mainly work as a back up to the Cloud server.

Front end system: This is the platform where by users (Revenue Officers) will use to interact with the users. The front end is developed to be very user friendly and interactive.

Mobile money (e.g. Mpesa): The system will be able to link with the relevant mode of mobile payment option of the county. All the transactions will done via the Clients Paybill will be reflected on real time to the Revenue Collection System.


The RCS can be integrated with other solutions and hardware devices to ensure seamless operation of the system to meet its full functionality e.g. integration with IFMIS, Mobile Payments and Banks

Note: It is important that the client ensures all necessary technical documents are made available to DotKim and its partners during the time of integration. The third party component integration will be a costed activity based on the effort and scope of integration.


DotKim proposes to use the following methodology which is specifically geared towards the successful implementation of our RCS Solutions. The Sure Step Methodology has six phases:

  • Analysis Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Development
  • Phase Deployment
  • Phase Operation



  1. Revenue collection System
  2. Point of sale Devices
  3. POS devices (android based)


  1. All Prices are Exclusive of VAT
  2. About the Software (Core system, Client system and POS application) costs will be invoiced and paid 30% on Contract signing)
  3. Upon system Implementation and training, 50% fee will be invoiced, the remaining 20% will be invoiced and paid for on project completion.
  4. All invoices will be paid within 30 days of presentation to the Company


DotKim and its partners is determined to serve its clients better with state of the art technologies to ensure smooth running of the organization.

Should you have any queries regarding our proposal or should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also ready for presentations and demonstration of the same.


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